Course Description

33 Proven Strategies to Make More Money in Your Salon...Right Now

This e-course is absolutely jam-packed with proven and do-able strategies that you can simply and easily implement into your beauty business to start making more money straight away.

It includes...

~ 5 strategies focused on how to acquire new clients

~ 8 strategies focused on how to sell more retail products

~ 6 strategies focused on how to sell more services

~ 5 strategies focused on how to increase your profit margin

~ 4 strategies focused on how to create more profitable promotions

~5 strategies focused on how to reduce your expenses

That's 33 proven strategies in total, and each and every one will impact on your profits in a positive way when implemented.

The strategies in this e-course can be implemented into your beauty biz with almost no fuss or cost and will provide a substantial return for a very small investment in your business success.

Why not get started today? You can implement 1 strategy at a time and come back as many times as you want or need to review the information provided in the course.

For as little as the cost of a brow shape, you can begin the process of turning your business into a profitable and successful venture.

Principal Beauty Biz Coach and Copywriter.

Pam Stellema

As well as copywriting for this amazing industry (SalonSpaCopywriter), I’ve been a salon owner, business coach (SalonSavy), mentor and advisor to Australian and international salon & spa owners, as well as industry suppliers.Before that, I did a stint as Freddo Frog, spent time writing computer code, ran a roadhouse, and worked in my mother’s dress shop!But getting back to the important stuff…I opened my first salon in Brisbane which was a raving success, and then worked with my husband for a few years in his business learning how to be a profitable uber-boss. I then bounced back into the beauty industry with a second, hugely successful salon on the beautiful Gold Coast.Finally I sold up my salon and have since mentored hundreds of salon owners, before adding industry specific copywriting to my repertoire.During this time, I’ve written and published my book 3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success, which is all about helping salon owners focus on the important, profit-generating aspects of their business. I’ve also written bucket loads of business articles for industry magazines, over 30 coaching modules for salon and spa owners, and a few more e-books.Now, I'm creating online courses to help salon and spa owners just like you to bypass the disasters and become a super-successful salonpreneur instead.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 1. Attract New Clients

    • Video - Attract New Clients. Strategies 1-5

    • Downloadable Information Booklet - Attract New Clients

    • Downloadable Key Points Sheet

  • 3

    Chapter 2. Sell More Retail

    • Video - Sell More Retail Video. Strategies 6-13

    • Downloadable Information Booklet - Sell More Retail

    • Downloadable Key Points Sheet

  • 4

    Chapter 3. Sell More Services

    • Sell More Services Video. Strategies 14-19

    • Downloadable InformationBooklet - Sell More Services

    • Downloadable Key Points Sheet

  • 5

    Chapter 4. Increase Your Margins

    • Increase Your Margins Video. Strategies 20-24

    • Downloadable Booklet - Increase your Margins

    • Downloadable Key Points Sheet

  • 6

    Chapter 5. Profitable Promotions

    • Profitable Promotions Video. Strategies 25-28

    • Downloadable Information Booklet - Profitable Promotions

    • Downloadable Key Points Sheet

  • 7

    Chapter 6. Reduce Expenses

    • Reduce Expenses Video. Strategies 29-33

    • Downloadable Information Booklet - Reduce Expenses

    • Downloadable Key Points Sheet

  • 8


33 Proven Strategies to Make More Money in your Salon Right Now

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