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99 Reasons Why Your Salon & Spa Clients Leave ...

And How to Prevent It!


This simple, but very truthful e-book came about because I wanted to give salon and spa owners a genuine insight into why their VIP (and profit-producing) clients often simply disappear one day; never to return.

To do this, I surveyed (in 2015) a substantial group of Australian business women from all backgrounds, asking why they had left their favourite salons and never gone back.

Some of the answers I expected to hear (which were repeated many times over in the comments that were made), but some of them were unexpected and interesting.

Apart from clients leaving the area or dying (it happens), all of the reasons listed in this e-book can be addressed and overcome – and that really is good news.

All it really takes to slow down the rate of your client loss is to:

Have an awareness of what the issues are that make your clients unhappy.

Be willing to realise that maybe you or your TMs (team members) may be guilty of engaging in some unwanted behaviours.

Take the required action to make sure these negative experiences for your clients are minimised as much and as often as possible.

Continuously maintain and enforce the positive changes you’ve made.

Remember every minute of every day, that without clients, you don’t have a business.

So if you're ready to hear some good old-fashioned honest-to-goodness truth about why your clients are deserting your business, then this e-book is a must have for you!

P.S. I've also included a $50 Gift Certificate as a special bonus offer with this purchase.

Principal Beauty Biz Coach and Copywriter.

Pam Stellema

As well as copywriting for this amazing industry (SalonSpaCopywriter), I’ve been a salon owner, business coach (SalonSavy), mentor and advisor to Australian and international salon & spa owners, as well as industry suppliers.Before that, I did a stint as Freddo Frog, spent time writing computer code, ran a roadhouse, and worked in my mother’s dress shop!But getting back to the important stuff…I opened my first salon in Brisbane which was a raving success, and then worked with my husband for a few years in his business learning how to be a profitable uber-boss. I then bounced back into the beauty industry with a second, hugely successful salon on the beautiful Gold Coast.Finally I sold up my salon and have since mentored hundreds of salon owners, before adding industry specific copywriting to my repertoire.During this time, I’ve written and published my book 3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Success, which is all about helping salon owners focus on the important, profit-generating aspects of their business. I’ve also written bucket loads of business articles for industry magazines, over 30 coaching modules for salon and spa owners, and a few more e-books.Now, I'm creating online courses to help salon and spa owners just like you to bypass the disasters and become a super-successful salonpreneur instead.

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    • 99 Real Reasons Why Your Clients Leave and How to Prevent It!

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