Running your own salon or spa is a combination of the most fun and the most stress you're ever likely to have in life.

All you want to do is make others feel and look terrific, however with business being business, you can't spend all your time doing the fun things - sometimes you just have to knuckle down and do the business stuff :-)

Now that you own your own business, you need to be so much more than just a great technician. You also have to be a 'savvy business person'. It's a great skill to learn, but it can take lots of time to master if you're doing it all by yourself.

That's where I come into the picture (that's me in the picture)...New-Pam

With decades of experience across a variety of businesses, I’ve discovered the success strategies it takes to make a salon thrive financially. And, having started in the beauty industry as a hands-on therapist, I also understand that you want your clients to love what you do for them.

This makes me passionate about helping salon owners who really want to succeed, to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Hence the birth of the SalonSavy Accelerate Program; an easy-to-understand and even easier to implement business-building program which provides you with all the information you need to grow your business. And, as an added bonus, the program includes industry-customised business templates ready for you to use.

This program contains tried and tested strategies that are currently used by successful salons around the world and were used by me to grow my salons from the ground up.

My Background

Within the beauty industry, I’ve owned and operated two very successful salons, the last one being Tuscany Beauty Retreat, which is located on the beautiful Gold Coast. This salon grew from a dream, four bare walls and a concrete floor, into a very busy and highly profitable business over a ten year period. In 2005 it was sold and continues to operate successfully today.

Outside the beauty industry, I’ve also operated a high profile business located on the Gold Coast. During this time, I was fortunate enough to further develop the business skills required to successfully manage in excess of 55 staff within a 24/7 environment. This business became the most successful of its kind in Queensland, and enjoyed an annual turnover in excess of $17 million.

SalonSavy Coaching is my current business. It’s a specialised coaching, training and consulting resource for Salon owners, Suppliers, and Industry Associations.

My first published book 3 ½ Secrets of Salon Success, 3 1/2 Secrets to Salon Successis a useful business resource for salon owners who want to grow their profits using proven business-building strategies.

I also write business development articles for several leading industry journals within Australia and the USA, and I’ve been a guest speaker and MC at several annual Beauty Conventions and Expos.

By combining exceptional levels of service and support to my clients and staff, along with the implementation of quality business principles, I’ve achieved great success within and outside of the beauty industry, and with the right guidance and knowledge, I know you can too.

Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Training and Assessment – Certificate IV
    • Executive Institute of Management, Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Coaching for Life and Business – Certificate IV
    • Gold Coast Institute of TAFE, Queensland
  • Justice of the Peace Qualified
    • Member of the Queensland Justices Association
  • Beauty Therapy – Diploma
    • The Diana Cameron Academy of Beauty Culture, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Beauty Therapy – Post Graduate Diploma
    • International Dermal Institute, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Drainage Lymphatique – Certificate
    • Maguy Rubie, Sydney, NSW
  • Make-up Technician - Certificate
    • Natural Compatables – Brisbane, Qld
  • Application of Gel and Acrylic Nails - Certificate
    • NSI Academy, Gold Coast, Qld
  • Coaching Models and Methods - Certificate
    • Symmetree, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Consultant Training - Certificate
    • Ian Benjamin, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Customer Service Excellence
    • Mathieson Bennett Training, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Effective Team Building
    • Mathieson Bennett Training, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Financial Management
    • Mathieson Bennett Training, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Applying Sound Principles in Marketing
    • QUT Brisbane, Queensland
  • Security & Theft Reduction for Small Business
    • Mobil Team Pak, Gold Coast
  • Merchandising for Profit
    • Mobil Team Pak, Gold Coast
  • Small Business Management
    • Mobil Team Pak, Sydney, NSW & Gold Coast, Queensland


  • Implementing Your Retail Roadmap
  • Galvanic & High Frequency Treatments
  • Stress Therapy Treatments
  • Marketing Yourself & Your Business
  • Business Dynamics
  • Effective Skin Analysis
  • Advanced Skin Analysis
  • Ageing Skin & Sun Damage
  • Micro-current Theory and Application
  • Cosmetic Tattoo
  • Advanced Nail Tech Certification
  • Awarded Best Beauty Therapist (People’s Choice) Gold Coast
  • Mobil Circle of Excellence Winner

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